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About Us

Who Are We?

We are QPEW!

What Is QPEW!?

QPEW! Arcade is, well, an online free games arcade! Not much more to it than that. We provide free games for you to play online... and technically you could play most of them offline too.

Why QPEW!?

Why us? We believe what separates QPEW! from many of the existing arcades is our focus. At QPEW! we are striving to provide the most interesting, fun and high quality free games around. Whether they are flash, shockwave, java or any other format.

Quality, Not Quantity

As mentioned, its the quality of the game and experience that matters. Like many other arcades we could upload thousands of games without trying them or without any quality control but thats not what we are about. Too many games just wastes time finding the gems that we are all searching for. We would sooner provide 100 great games than 10,000 low quality ones. Our time is important and we expect yours is too, This is why we want your QPEW! time to be easy, light and filled with fun!


The online world is abuzz with the whole social networking trend and we are too. What we want to focus on at QPEW! is the community aspects and not a hype word. We are working towards a fun environment with many options and features that will allow us to build a solid place for a community. We want our players and members to participate and enjoy their gaming place as much as the games we provide do.


QPEW! Arcade is very young and still growing in the feature deparmtment. We have many plans but they will not happen overnight. QPEW! is more than playable now and will continue to grow and expand to provide great games, functionality and enjoyment. The more our members enjoy QPEW! the more motivated we are to improve it.