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Our Free Games Categories

Icon for Action game category.

The action category can be an all purpose classification. Action games are not quite arcade and not quite other types so they end up here!

Icon for Arcade game category.

Arcade type games, usually action based twitch games.

Icon for Bikes game category.

Motorcycles, Trikes, Quads and maybe even unicycles. With engines, pedals or even a push bike it doesn't matter. If its a game with bikes in it this is where you'll find it.

Icon for Board Games game category.
Board Games

Where would the gaming world be without board games? Here's where you'll find our online board games and board game like games! Lots of games here, watch for neato things like Monopoly, Mahjongg, Yahtzee, Chess, Checkers, Chinese Checkers and a bazillion other great games!

Icon for Cards game category.

Card games of all types including solitaire, poker, pai gow, 52 pick up, anything to do with cards.

Icon for Driving game category.

Driving games, racing games, parking games, taxi games - they'll all do for this section. Whether its lightning fast hard core simulations or silly simple fun we'll take it for a ride.

Icon for Flight game category.

Can you hear the soundtrack to Top Gun? How about Iron Eagles or further back to Black Sheep Squadron? Suit up, this is where you get your wings and prove you're a first class pilot.

Icon for Other game category.

This is where we stick games that defy all categories! Actually, what we mean by that is that they may fit in multiple categories or sort of don't fit in any other category or they're just so amazing they should be considered something other than the average game?

Icon for Puzzle game category.

Put on your thinking cap for these! Puzzle games may range from no action completely planned out movement of a piece all the way to quick thought rapid movement. Whether you're thinking fast or pondering will depend on the game you choose.

Icon for RPG game category.

Role playing games!

Icon for Simulation game category.

Games that are created with more of a realistic simulated situation. Games like Sim City and Flight Simulator fall into this category.

Icon for Sports game category.

Sports games of all kinds. Including but not limited to: Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Curling, Lacrosse, Cricket, Tennis, Ping Pong / Table Tennis, Volleyball, Polo, Golf and well... you get the idea. This section is for SPORTS!

Icon for Strategy game category.

Real time and turn based strategy games.

Icon for Tower Defense game category.
Tower Defense

Tower Defense games have become so popular they have taken on a life and category of their own. A tower defense game is a strategy game but the genre is now so big they deserve their own category. If you haven't tried a tower defense game, now is a great time.